7 Benefits of a Chakra Meditation

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Meditation and mindfulness are becoming two necessities for a healthy life. A chakra meditation is one way you can take your meditation practice up a notch (or seven since there are seven main chakras). See what I did there?

What is a Chakra Meditation?

A chakra meditation can be guided or done on your own. It’s similar to other meditations in that you will be sitting or lying in a relaxed state with your eyes closed, but the main purpose of a chakra meditation is to focus on your chakras.

You may visualize your chakras spinning or see colours representing the colours of each chakra, as you focus on each one in turn. You might also see your chakras opening or closing while they are being balanced and cleared.

One of the most important things you can do during a chakra meditation to get the most benefit out of it is to focus on your breath and even breathing to the area of the chakra you are focusing on.

Benefits of a Chakra Meditation

Because chakras affect our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health, a chakra meditation can have unlimited benefits. Here are seven of my favourites.

1. Extreme Relaxation

Not only is the process of a chakra meditation very calming and relaxing, but you will feel more relaxed after the meditation too. This can last for days or even weeks depending on your personal experience. The more you meditate, the more relaxed you will feel on an ongoing basis.

2. Less Stress and Anxiety

This benefit flows naturally from feeling more relaxed. When you are more relaxed less things tend to bother you and make you feel stressed and anxious.

3. More Self Love

Meditating on a regular basis is shown to create an appreciation for yourself. You will find you are gentler with yourself and let the little things go a lot easier.

4. Compassion

Not only will you feel more love for yourself, but chakra meditations help us feel more compassionate towards others too.

5. Stronger Will Power

Chakra meditation forces us to look inwards and strengthen our relationship with ourselves. When we do this, we are also able to increase our will power, helping us to reach our goals easier.

6. Clear Focus

Taking the time to sit quietly and reflect, as we do in meditation, allows the important things to come to surface. The more we meditate, the clearer we see things in all aspects of our life.

7. The Ability to Heal

Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Cells are constantly being regenerated, but when we are stressed and anxious, the body doesn’t function properly and those cell aren’t able to regenerate the way they are supposed to. When we take the time to enjoy a chakra meditation, it helps to reset our body’s natural processes, allowing it to begin to heal again.

If you haven’t tried a chakra meditation, consider some of these benefits and whether or not you would like to experience them in your life. To get you started, I have prepared a short meditation for beginners called Release Negative Energy. You can check it out here. Remember to let me know how it goes and share your questions in the comments.

If you’d like to learn more about Chakras come join me in the Bombinatormoms group

Josie Myers is a Spiritual Motherhood GuideWith a master_s degree in education and a background in Reiki, Josie Myers is an ex


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