It’s Not Always Rainbows and Unicorns: How I Healed From Depression


Rainbows and Unicorns (1)“I want a whipped cream sandwich!” is what my son recently demanded while I was on a business coaching call. I didn’t even know how to respond except with a hard and fast, “No”. After I got off my call, I realized my animal-loving son had also let the hamster out of its cage. Thankfully I was able to rescue it before the cat found out!

This is a typical day for me. I just never know what to expect with my son and I’ve gotten used to that. I’ve also gotten really good at remaining calm through it all. It wasn’t always this way though. There was a time in my mom journey where I felt very depressed. I had been trying to conceive a second child and it just wasn’t happening. It took two years for my husband and I to conceive our son and the thought of going down that road again made me numb.

My son played a huge part in helping me overcome my depression. I realized I needed to be there for him. While I wasn’t going to be able to have a second child, I was damn sure I was going to be the best mom possible to my son.

Don’t be Afraid to Disagree with Your Doctor

Battling depression wasn’t as easy as simply deciding I wasn’t going to be depressed anymore. I was in a very dark place. When I asked my doctor for help, he quickly whipped out the prescription pad, but I refused. I wasn’t interested in taking medication. While this works wonders for many people who suffer from depression, I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me.

The thought of pouring my heart out to some stranger didn’t appeal to me either. I wasn’t interested in reliving past traumatic experiences and leaving the therapist’s office a blubbering mess. That didn’t feel right to me. Doctors have their place but they might not always know the best solution for you. It’s okay to look for other methods of treatment or seek another opinion.

Listen to Your Body and Your Intuition

Taking meds for depression felt like putting a bandaid on a wound to me. I listened to my intuition. It was telling me there was more I needed to work on and that there was a way to do it without bringing up old emotional hurts. I just knew there had to be other options available. That’s when I discovered energy healing.

I went for some Reiki sessions and started learning about Chakras, spinning wheels of energy in our bodies. When Chakras are blocked, this can cause physical, emotional, and mental symptoms like chronic bronchitis, moodiness, headaches, and depression. Once I learned how to clear, open, and keep my chakras functioning at their best, I started to feel so much better. The difference was truly transformational.

Chakra work helped me feel like a whole new person. I was calmer, more in touch with my emotions, and had a better understanding of what I needed in order to be a mom functioning on all cylinders. Without Chakra work, I’m sure I would have totally lost it when my son asked for a whipped cream sandwich while I was on my call.

It’s important to listen to our intuition. If you feel something in the back of your mind or your gut telling you something’s not right, listen. You’re feeling that way for a reason. The voices in your head do serve a purpose.

Do Your Research

We are so fortunate to have Google at our disposal in this day and age. I don’t recommend asking “Dr. Google” for a diagnosis (the results of that search will just cause you unnecessary stress). But I do recommend doing a quick search to see what other treatments are available once you know what you are dealing with.

Modern medicine is wonderful but there are many alternative forms of medicine, like Reiki, available to us today as well. During one of my Google searches for a less clinical treatment for depression, I stumbled across BEAM, the bioenergetic access method. I was intrigued by BEAM because it uses the Chakra system that I had already come to know and love.

The best thing about BEAM is that it is trauma-focused. It can help you heal from unprocessed physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional trauma even if you have no recollection of the trauma. What this meant for me was that I didn’t have to talk about my past experiences and relive them in order to heal from them. Sign me up!!

I knew I had to try BEAM and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After my BEAM sessions, I literally felt like a new woman. It was so amazing I signed up to be able to help other women heal using the BEAM method.

Information is key in taking care of ourselves. The more questions you ask and the more you can find out, the better you will be able to make well-informed decisions for yourself. Doing my own research, listening to my gut, and respecting my doctor, but then doing my own thing anyway, helped me heal from depression and be the present mama I am today.

If you’re a mom, you know it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but I wouldn’t trade this crazy mom journey for the world! If you are suffering from depression, please know you are not alone. There are resources and people available to help.

Disclaimer: This is my experience and mine alone. I do not speak for the collective, I wrote this post to share my story about the route I decided to take in my healing journey. 

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Josie Myers is a Spiritual Motherhood GuideWith a master_s degree in education and a background in Reiki, Josie Myers is an ex

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